With more and more lakes and other water bodies in Bengaluru going dry, the temple tanks are shrinking. Once known among the five thirthas of Vasanthapura, the kalyani or the temple tank of Sri Vasantha Valabharaya swami temple in Vasanthapura is only among the surviving two tanks in this area.

The Vasantha Vallabharaya swami temple is situated on the hillock a few metres off the Kanakapura road in Vasantapura . The deities of this temple are Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi.

However, this ancient temple is considered to be erected during the Chola dynasty, the ancient temple history also carries the story of Rishi Mandavya’s finding of a Svayambhu image of Vallabharaya at the site where the shrine presently sits.

One needs to look for and ask for directions to the kalyani as the tank is not on the same hillock. A few yards away from this temple is the temple tank (Kalyani) which was on the verge of extinction. BBMP had taken up the revival work in 2016 and now the work is in progress.

A shop keeper at the temple premises says that the recent visit of Infosys Foundation trustee Sudha Murty to this temple has been the main reason for reviving the temple tank. Earlier, in November 2016 it was reported that BBMP has taken up rejuvenation of temple tanks along with the lakes and this tank was also among them.

Now, desilting, construction of the steps are going on in full swing. If the monsoon is good, the temple tank will be full and the locals expect the temple festivals at this tank sooner.