Doddakallasandra lake

A sudden sight of hundreds of dead fish floating on Doddakallasandra lake, also called Konanakunte Lake, shocked the residents in the area. It was during the morning on May 2, 2017, the residents felt a foul smell and saw a large number of dead fish on the surface of the lake.

The residents alerted the BBMP corporator of Vasanthapura Ward and soon a team was on the job to clear the fish carcasses. However, the residents reported that many more surfaced by the evening.

After two days of cleaning the lake, the situation is under control, though there are a few dead fish floating here and there. The lake looks highly polluted.

There are different reasons attributed to this sudden mass-kill of fish. While the officials of Karnataka Lake Conservation and Development Authority opined that the sullage that had entered following the hailstorm and heavy rain during the weekend could have caused depletion in oxygen level, the residents feel it is the polluted sewage water from the nearby establishments and residences is a problem on hand.

Also, the ongoing contrction of stormwater drain has left a sand bank that was inundated during the weekend rains.

A beautiful large lake with a lot of birds flying across could be a wonderful sight for the residents. But the lake is completely neglected. The approach to the lake is narrow and stinks due to the open sewage.

On one side, the high rise residential building Prestige Falcon City is coming up and on the other side, the Narayana Nagar 3rd Block has many small layouts with independent houses. This lake is situated about 1.5 km south of Doddakallasandra bus stop on Kanakapura Road.

If this is developed into a park like Yediyur Lake, it will attract the many walkers and joggers apart from children.