The construction of the Metro Rail Green Line had been under construction for more than 5 years. The pillars were routinely defaced by posters and the drab grey was not a delightful sight for commuters. It was a pleasant surprise for many when they were greeted by freshly painted pillars between Jayaprakash Nagar and Banashankari stations.

The painting was a collaboration between Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL),  and The Ugly Indian, a group of volunteers that spot fixes places that are unclean and vandalised,  supported by VMware, a company located near this station.  The basic painting work was done by professionals but managed by volunteers later. Volunteers from VMware and the general public joined hands to create the Poster Repellent 3D Pyramid Design and give finishing touches to the pillars.

Already six pillars look colourful as on Nov. 11, 2017. The group hopes to complete painting all the 20 pillars soon.

The group with the support of employees from private companies has painted the pillars on the Purple Line in September 2017. The Chief Public Relation Officer, BMRCL says the company wants to engage with the community in many ways including the upkeep of the walls and pillars of Metro Stations.

Contact BMRCL if your company wants to be part of this beautiful initiative.

Photo courtesy: The Ugly Indian