BDA Park Narayana Nagar

The BDA park or the Udyanavana at the corner of 17th Main Road in Narayana Nagar 1st Block is a favourite spot for the walkers in the neighbourhood.

This park not too far from the Gubbalala Gate junction on Kanakapura Road is maintained by BDA. The park looks fresh and green with the recent rains that poured for three continuous days last week. Rainwater harvesting implemented at this park must be another reason for keeping the greenery alive.

The park attracts walkers and joggers in the morning and in early evenings. The walkers’ path is well laid out and one full round on the outer path easily counts up to 500 steps. There are also inner pathways for alternate walking.┬áThe 17th Main Road is broader to accommodate the two-wheelers to be parked near the park.

At one end of the park, a BBMP Help Centre is located. The approach to this centre is from the main road and not from the park. This centre accepts Property Tax payments and also registers for obtaining Voter ID. The registration at this centre will begin after June 15, a staff informed.

The BBMP Help Centre is open on weekdays from 10.30 a.m to 4 p.m. It is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The BDA Park is located at the eastern end of the 17th Main Road, Narayana Nagar 1st Block, Doddakallasandra and is 450 metres from the Gubbalala Gate junction on Kanakapura Road.